Thursday, 27 March 2014

Michael Angove/Jo Malone London Collaboration

We know you wouldn’t normally come to a Specialist Printers site to reach about fragrances and scent.

Definitely about high-end design and what the very latest is ‘in’ or the most up and coming designers with a crossover of multiple disciplines, but here you are.

This is because before you get to runs of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of item and products for manufacture, there have to first be mock-ups, then prototypes closely followed by pre-production manufacture. And all of this has research, marketing, and focus groups etc., going on at the same time. Madness!
Blackberry & Bay
Well, we’re at the pre-production stage on this in our own small way. Producing some wallpaper for use at Jo Malone London with designs by Michael Angove, exclusively for them. ‘Orange Blossom’ and ‘Blackberry & Bay’ are two exquisite designs that capture both the essence of their respective ranges as well as the evocative and inspirational image of Jo Malone London. (See, even I’m writing like I was a PR guru now!)
Orange Blossom
We produced the specialist wallpaper economical runs using our UV  

Flatbed printer.

There are lots of other specialist materials we can print directly too as well, such as Glass, Plywood, Slate and metal just as a handful of examples.

If you’ve got an idea and want to know ‘if’ then call us to find out.

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